Photo credits

  • Rice farmers, India
  • © 2006 Sandipan Majumdar, Courtesy of Photoshare
    Farmers grow rice during the rainy season in West Bengal, India.

  • Low water level lake, India.
  • © 2006 Joydeep Mukherjee, Courtesy of Photoshare
    Women approach a low water level lake in India.

  • Water lilies
  • © Anil Gulati, Courtesy of Photoshare
    Water lilies in a lake at the Indian Botanical Gardens in Howrah district, West Bengal, India.

  • Women carrying water
  • © AJFanthome, Courtesy of Photoshare
    Women carry jugs of water in India, 2006.

  • Frog
  • © 2009 Jason Dittmann, Courtesy of Photoshare
    A frog poises to jump off a bromelia leaf in San Francisco
    Forest, Ecuador. Frogs in this forest are becoming increasingly threatened by pollution in the rivers from nearby cities.

  • Woman waiting for cattle
  • © Amy Gajaria, Courtesy of Photoshare
    A woman waits for her cattle in the small Himalayan village of Than Goan, India. The village hosts the only medical clinic for many surrounding rural villages, 2009.

  • Hausa women, Niger
  • © Jaspreet Kindra/IRIN
    Hausa women sell milk in the market place: the Hausa sell all their livestock produce, hardly any of it is consumed at home. Niger, March 2011.

  • New York Skyline
  • © Daniel Guzman, via Flickr.
    The New York Skyline.

  • Caravan of camels
  • © Kate Holt/IRIN
    A caravan of camels walks through the desert in the middle of a dust storm near Mao, Western Chad.

  • Power station
  • © Dimitris Varoudakis, via Flickr.
    A power station near the city of Ptolemaida in Northern Greece.

  • Morning Light at San Francisco Bay
  • © Frank Chen via Flickr
    Morning light at Shoreline Nature Preserve by the tail end of San Francisco Bay. There are many electricity transmission pylons standing in the shallow bay waters.

  • Congo river boat
  • © Hugo Rami/IRIN
    A traditional wooden boat floats on the Congo River of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), May 2006.

  • Flooded slum housing
  • © Dulue Mbachu/IRIN
    A flooded area of slum housing in the Ebute Metta district of Lagos, Nigeria, September 2007.

  • Girls, Uganda
  • © Manoocher Deghati/IRIN
    Two former abducted girls sit on a bed at the World Vision rehabilitation centre in Gulu District, northern Uganda, August 2006. Girls as young as ten years old have been regularly abducted from villages and given as wives to senior Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) commanders, and even shared among LRA soldiers.

  • Maasai men
  • © Wendy Stone/IRIN
    Maasai men meet under an Acacia tree for a community meeting.

  • Wind farm
  • © Steve Schmeiser via Flickr
    The sun sets over a wind farm in Iowa, US.

  • Spontaneous settlement, Cairo
  • © Jeff Black/IRIN
    Manshiet Nasser sits on the rocks where Egypt's Eastern Desert Plateau meets the Nile Valley, Cairo, Egypt.

  • Woman farming rice
  • © Kate Holt/IRIN
    A woman farms rice on her farm in Kaduna State Nigeria.

  • Indian women
  • 2007 Anil Gulati, Courtesy of Photoshare
    Thousands of women gather in Majhauli, India, at the "Saas-Bahu Sammelan," a convention of mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law on safe motherhood sponsored by the Department of Health & Family Welfare, the Government of Madhya Pradesh, India, and UNICEF.

  • Sunset panorama, UK
  • © M.Wheatley
    Sunset panorama after The Crude Awakening, blockading Coryton Oil Refinery, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex.

  • Urbanization in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • © UN Photo/Kibae Park
    Urbanization in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Asia-Pacific region is urbanizing rapidly. While for the world as a whole the urban population growth rate is 2.0%, in Asia and the Pacific it is 2.3%.

  • Mother and child, India
  • © 2006 Rose Reis, Courtesy of Photoshare
    A young mother in a rural village near Jodhpur, India, holds her child, as a community based social worker with the Veerni Project looks on.

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